Strip Club

An innovative e-commerce website concept focused on the swift discovery and purchase of football shirts from your beloved teams.

The Problem

Millions of football shirts sell worldwide every year. As an ardent football enthusiast, I face challenges in finding websites selling football shirts. Major retailers like JD Sports primarily offer jerseys of renowned clubs. For those seeking shirts from lesser-known clubs or countries, the search extends beyond popular platforms, requiring additional time spent scouring Google for individual team or country websites.

The Goal

Prioritise a seamless and efficient user experience, allowing enthusiasts to easily navigate, explore, and acquire their favorite team’s jerseys. The concept aims to combine visually appealing elements with user-friendly features, ensuring a delightful shopping experience for football aficionados.

  1. Find and buy football shirts quickly and easily.
  2. Search for shirts by league/country and competition.

User Centered Business Canvas

My initial step involved gaining a comprehensive understanding of the user and their challenges. Employing a Miro board, I crafted the User-Centered Business Canvas to delve into user needs, pain points, and potential solutions. This strategic approach laid the groundwork for developing a solution that genuinely caters to the user’s requirements.

Provisional Persona

To commence the project, I formulated a provisional persona representing a potential user for the app. While initially constructed on assumptions and lacking full research, this persona served as a consistent reference point throughout the project. It played a pivotal role in shaping my design decisions and establishing priorities, ensuring alignment with the user’s needs and expectations.

StripClub Persona

Style and Guidelines

I crafted a distinctive logo and comprehensive style guides, drawing inspiration from vibrant football imagery to create a dynamic color palette.

Mobile-First Design

With a deliberate focus on mobile-first design, my approach was guided by research and analytics indicating that a majority of users engaged in searching and purchasing activities through mobile phones.

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