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Introducing a Multi-Sport point-based competition that invites players to showcase their sports knowledge by predicting the outcomes of pre-selected sport markets. Participants have the option to compete against friends and other players, adding a competitive edge to the experience. With the prospect of winning prizes, this engaging platform combines the thrill of predicting sports outcomes with the excitement of friendly competition, creating an immersive and rewarding experience for sports enthusiasts.

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The Idea

The innovative idea behind the SuperPicks betting app game is to transcend the conventional focus on single, popular sports such as Football (Soccer) and NFL. Instead, we envision a game where players can broaden their horizons by predicting the outcomes of multiple sports events. This unique approach not only diversifies the gaming experience but also serves as a platform to enhance visibility and knowledge across various sports simultaneously. By breaking free from the single-sport mold, our game aims to cater to a broader audience, offering a dynamic and comprehensive sports prediction experience.

Value Proposition

Super 6s for multiple sports.
Predict the outcomes of sport fixtures.

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Persona Sports UX
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User Interviews

I conducted a series of user interviews to validate and refine the personas I had developed, aiming to gain deeper insights into the target audience and assess their level of interest in the proposed idea. Through these interviews, I sought to understand users’ behaviors, preferences, and pain points, ensuring that the personas accurately represented the diversity of potential users. The primary objective was to gather qualitative feedback on the concept, allowing me to iterate on the idea based on real user perspectives. These interviews served as a valuable validation mechanism, helping to shape a more user-centric and compelling foundation for the project

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supersports interview

Competitor Analysis

Sky Super 6s

Sky Super 6 is a weekly prediction game brought to you by Sky Sports and Sky Bet that challenges you to predict the scores of six pre-selected football fixtures (usually from the Premier League and Football League). Correctly predict the scores of 6 football games for your chance to win £250000 each week.

LiveScore 6s

A prediction game brought to you by LiveScore that challenges you to predict the scores of six pre-selected football fixtures (usually from the Premier League and Football League). Free to play, predict the 6 scores correctly to win the jackpot!

The AllStar

The AllStar is the all-new sports app for live scores, stats, news, odds & highlights for NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, UFC, EPL soccer & more. They have a feature called ‘Picks’ which is a prediction game that challenges you to pick the winner of the weekly UFC fight nights. Players can gain XP points to boost their position in friends and public leagues. 


Fanatics is the best free Fantasy MMA app to make UFC Fight Picks. Showcase your Fight IQ with predictions for UFC, Bellator and other top fight leagues. Compete against friends and shoot down Vegas.
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Sky Bet Super 6s
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The All Star
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Unique Value Proposition

A Multi-Sport point-based competition that engages players in predicting outcomes across pre-selected sport markets, fostering a dynamic and competitive environment.

Features List

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Feature List


  1. Player opens the app and is presented with option to join or create a league, or to play the latest game.
  2. Player opts to play latest game.
  3. Player picks from selection markets. (Key Feature)
  4. Player checks stats to see more information to help with their pick. (Key Feature)
  5. Player presented with bettings odds for each pick and also Acca odds. (Key Feature)
  6. Player submits picks (Game Solution).
  7. Player places bet (Business Solution).
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Problems to solve

At this point I came across some problems that needed to be solved.

  1. League Commencement and Duration:

    • Different sports apps have fixed seasons, like football, or ongoing leagues, like MMA. For a multi-sport app, where sports have different schedules, there’s no need for set seasons. Leagues start when created and continue as long as players are active. This way, the app remains active every week, with no fixed start or end dates. Public leagues may not work due to varying sports schedules; joining or not depends on whether players want casual play or a chance at prizes.
  2. Regularity of Competition:

    • Unlike apps that follow specific schedules, a multi-sport app faces challenges because sports have different start times and aren’t event-based like single-sport apps. To address this, schedule games on days with major sports events, ensuring regular and exciting gameplay. This could be on weekends or specific weekdays when significant events are happening.
  3. Time Zone Limitations:

    • A challenge is catering to various time zones. To simplify, the app might be designed for a specific time zone, like the UK. However, to include a broader audience, users could set their preferred time zone. Customizable notifications can ensure engagement, regardless of the user’s geographical location.

Possible Solutions

To address the challenges outlined, consider the following solutions for the development of the multi-sport competition app:

  1. Continuous Leagues:

    • Implementation of Rolling Leagues: Instead of fixed start and end dates, create rolling leagues that commence from the date of creation and continue as long as participants are active. This ensures there is always a sport to engage users, eliminating downtime between seasons or events.

    • Casual and Competitive Leagues: Allow users to join both casual and competitive leagues. Casual leagues can be ongoing for players who want a more relaxed experience, while competitive leagues can have specific durations for those seeking a more intense, season-like competition.

  2. Regularity of the Competition:

    • Flexible Game Days: Design the app to accommodate the irregular schedules of different sports. Schedule competitions on days with major sports events, providing users with a continuous and dynamic experience. This could include weekends or mid-week days with significant sports fixtures.

    • Varied Event Formats: Introduce varied event formats to align with different sports schedules. For example, some events could span a single day, while others might cover an entire weekend to capture the essence of diverse sporting calendars.

  3. Time Zones:

    • Global Accessibility: Instead of limiting the app to a specific time zone, consider creating a user-friendly interface that allows individuals to set their preferred time zone. This enhances the app’s appeal to a broader international audience, accommodating users from different regions.

    • Customizable Notifications: Enable users to customize notification settings based on their time zone preferences. This ensures timely alerts for upcoming events and maintains user engagement regardless of geographical location.

By integrating these solutions, the multi-sport competition app can provide a continuous and globally accessible experience, overcoming challenges related to league commencement, regularity, and time zones.

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Usability testing with Useberry.

Conducting usability testing with Useberry, seamlessly integrated with Figma, proved highly effective in gauging user interactions with the high-fidelity wireframes. The positive results from the testing phase paved the way for the development of the final designs. This integration not only streamlined the testing process but also ensured that the end product was user-friendly and aligned with the intended design goals. The iterative process, involving testing and refinement, ultimately led to the creation of a well-received and user-centric final design.

Final Designs

Following comprehensive user research and rigorous usability testing of my designs, I successfully validated the design idea and proceeded to craft the final UI designs. The positive reception from users during the testing phase confirmed the appeal of the concept, particularly the engaging aspect of making predictions across multiple sports. This valuable user feedback played a pivotal role in refining the user interface, ensuring that the final designs not only met but exceeded user expectations. The enthusiasm expressed by users for the multi-sport picking feature reinforced the viability and desirability of the design, setting the stage for a user-friendly and well-received final product.

Superpicks Picks
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