An engaging sports game that invites players to make picks on daily head-to-head matchups from the most popular daily sports events.

Versus Figma Cover 1

The idea

Centered around the idea that people love making quick and simple selections, “Versus” offers players the thrill of daily predictions on outcomes like “Who will win?” or “Who will score the most?” in head-to-head matchups from popular daily sports events. Whether playing individually against a global player base or joining custom leagues with friends, the unique aspect of “Versus” lies in its daily pick format, providing a dynamic and engaging experience for participants.

Value Proposition

Daily head to head sports event outcome picker

Final designs

The ultimate designs for “Versus” showcase a vibrant color scheme and an intuitively easy-to-use interface. The deliberate simplicity and swift user experience are tailored to enhance enjoyment, encouraging users to return daily for more excitement. The dynamic combination of a visually engaging layout and streamlined functionality ensures that participating in head-to-head predictions becomes a delightful and addictive experience, making “Versus” a go-to destination for sports enthusiasts seeking quick, daily thrills.

Versus Start
Versus Progress
Versus Complete
Versus Overlay
Versus Leagues
Versus League
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