Reps Fitness

An app that consolidates the best workouts and renowned fitness experts in one platform, providing users with a seamless experience to explore and engage with popular fitness content.

The Problem

With the closure of local gyms due to COVID-19, many turned to home workouts for fitness. This shift sparked a surge in online workouts, with well-known instructors producing daily videos using minimal equipment. As a fitness enthusiast, I too embraced home workouts during the pandemic. Anticipating a continued preference for home fitness, I recognize the need for a streamlined solution. Amidst the overwhelming variety on platforms like YouTube, I propose an app that consolidates the best fitness videos in one place for easy access, providing a simple, cost-effective, and convenient fitness solution on users’ own schedules.


Create an app facilitating quick and easy workout discovery tailored to individual skillsets, fitness preferences, and equipment availability.

Streamline workout discovery.
Efficiently filter based on skill level and equipment requirements.

Value Proposition

Workout with your favourite training partners on a single platform

User Centered Business Canvas

To enhance the solution, my initial step was gaining a deeper understanding of the user and their challenges. Employing a Miro board, I crafted the User-Centered Business Canvas to comprehensively outline the user’s needs and business considerations.

User Personas

To initiate the project, I developed provisional personas for potential users—the fitness enthusiast and the fitness coach. Although these personas were initially based on assumptions and not fully researched, they became a consistent reference point throughout the project. They played a crucial role in guiding my design decisions and prioritizing features according to user needs.

Reps Persona 02
Reps Persona 01


My main objective was to deliver an engaging user experience. To achieve this, I meticulously created wireframes for all screens, ensuring clarity in placement and functionality before proceeding with the design. Wireframing proved invaluable in mapping complex user flows and experimenting with layouts. Prototypes played a pivotal role in refining information architecture and establishing a seamless flow of user interactions.


To validate my design proposals, I conducted prototype testing with multiple users. The feedback revealed that, while the design was clean and simple, users faced difficulty recognising certain icons serving as calls to action. Interestingly, one participant amusingly likened the app to “Tinder for recipes.” Leveraging both the feedback and the developed persona, I refined the fitness app’s features, ensuring they align closely with user preferences and expectations.

reps testing

Style guide

Following the completion of wireframes, I transitioned to styling the user interface of the app. My emphasis was on crafting a design that embodies simplicity, cleanliness, and aesthetic appeal.

Final Screens

Presented below are the final designs for my fitness app – an integrated platform that brings together top-notch workouts and renowned fitness experts. These designs offer users a seamless experience, allowing them to effortlessly explore and engage with popular fitness content.

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