Blitz app

A Multi-Sport, Rapid-Pick Competition that challenges players to demonstrate their sports knowledge by swiftly predicting outcomes across pre-selected sport markets. Engage in friendly competition against friends and fellow sports enthusiasts, as you vie for exciting prizes. Blitz merges the exhilaration of predicting sports outcomes with the joy of competition, offering an immersive and rewarding experience for all sports enthusiasts.


The Idea

The Blitz app redefines betting by offering a quick and exciting experience. Make rapid selections, compete in leagues with friends, and face off against the nation. Once you’ve made your pick, there’s no turning back – just like the swiping experience on Tinder. The goal is to make betting fun, snappy, and as casual as your favorite dating app.

Value Proposition

Tinder meets sports betting

User Persona

Blitz Persona

User Interviews

I conducted a series of user interviews to validate and refine the persona I had developed, aiming to gain deeper insights into the target audience and assess their level of interest in the proposed idea. Through these interviews, I sought to understand users’ behaviours, preferences, and pain points, ensuring that the personas accurately represented the diversity of potential users. The primary objective was to gather qualitative feedback on the concept, allowing me to iterate on the idea based on real user perspectives. These interviews served as a valuable validation mechanism, helping to shape a more user-centric and compelling foundation for the project

supersports interview q
supersports interview


  1. Opening Screen:Player opens the app and is presented the daily picks
  2. Make your Picks: Player makes pick and instantly moves to next pick. Player completes all daily picks (solution)
  3. Submit and Compete: The app shows live updates during the games, and users can track their progress against friends and the overall leaderboard.
  4. Results and Rewards: After the games, the app displays results and calculates winnings or points. Users receive rewards or move up in the leaderboard based on their performance.
  5. Share: Users have the option to share their success on social media. The app encourages friendly competition and engagement.


Blitz features


Blitz Persona

Final Designs

Following comprehensive user research and rigorous usability testing of my designs, I successfully validated the design idea and proceeded to craft the final UI designs. The positive reception from users during the testing phase confirmed the appeal of the concept, particularly the engaging aspect of the fun of making quick selections. This valuable user feedback played a pivotal role in refining the user interface, ensuring that the final designs not only met but exceeded user expectations. The enthusiasm expressed by users for the multi-sport picking feature reinforced the viability and desirability of the design, setting the stage for a user-friendly and well-received final product.

Blitz Picks
Blitz Picks 2
Blitz Picks 1
Blitz Picks 7
Blitz Picks 6
Blitz Picks 5

An alternative idea…

During the design phase of Blitz, a new and exciting idea dawned on me – FlashBet. The essence behind FlashBet is to offer users a swift and thrilling experience, reminiscent of Blitz, but with a unique twist. In this version, users make quick selections that contribute to a bet builder, streamlining the process of creating personalized bets. The innovation lies in allowing users to effortlessly swipe through numerous pre-defined markets, choosing only those they want to include in their bets. It’s like a helping hand for building a ‘bet builder’ without the need for extensive thought. To ensure responsible gaming, the app imposes a limit of one play and a maximum of 10 selections. As a bonus, players can compare their picks with others, competing on a league table based on the accuracy of their selections. FlashBet is designed to infuse speed, excitement, and user-friendliness into the world of sports betting.

Value Proposition

Tinder meets sports betting

Flashbet 02
Flashbet 05
Flashbet 04
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